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  1. gg1946
    gg1946 Kim H
    I'm currently in spain with my 2008 S790, love it
  2. Robert Lloyd
    Robert Lloyd eddievanbitz
    Hi I am a member of motorhome fun and have been advised I need a code to get discount at van Bitz as advertised on your website, can you advise me what that code would be?
  3. pwilmo
    pwilmo Petjanjess
    In know this is very late ... is this van still for sale please
  4. Carol and Steve
    Carol and Steve
    Newish to motorhoming ,off to Spain for month march ,any tips please..
  5. Pilote John
    Pilote John
    How do I get my name in the box on the left? At the moment it has PJ in it!
  6. david walton
    david walton
    hello im david from sunderland,tyne x wear a new memmber ..i own a kentucky k line m/h,we travel home and abroad.
  7. stephen haigh
    stephen haigh
    Retired at 62, we sold up,bought our first motorhome and travelled,full-timing for 3 years,just bought a small lock up and leave house.
  8. Neil Dibblee
    Neil Dibblee Ralph-n-Bev
    Sorry my first post was so short, I had to delete most of it to send it!
    I too have a Boxer L4H2. Very inspired by your build, just starting mine and would appreciate any advice you can offer.
  9. Neil Dibblee
    Neil Dibblee Ralph-n-Bev
    Hi Ralph-n-Bev.
    I am about to order the windows for the rear doors and side windows from Pennine Lesure Supplies but am struggling to work out the sizes I need. What Are the best sizes for rear doors and the windows above the rear seating area please, assuming I use exactly the same type of window you have used? (Framed double glazed acrylic)

    Thank you.

    Neil Dibblee
  10. william strathern
  11. The Dudess
    The Dudess The Partridge Family
    Pop round whenever you're ready. x
  12. ThorKevRV
    Hi All , i wanted to introduce myself .
  13. Cariadgold
    Looking for somewhere to go this Saturday and overnight in our motorhome in West Wales! Any Ideas?
  14. The Dudess
    The Dudess The Partridge Family
    Good morning Neighbours and welcome to the FUN!!
    1. The Partridge Family
      The Partridge Family
      Thanks guys for saying hello, bit preoccupied at the moment will pop round tomorrow for a chat. Mark
      Jan 11, 2019 at 7:08 PM
  15. The Partridge Family
    The Partridge Family
    Just Purchased New Motorhome
  16. slatersgarage
    Slaters Garage Ltd
  17. Jocey Smythers
    Jocey Smythers
    I am a 66 year old motorhome addict but could never afford one. I will in the Spring and can't wait to fulfill my dreams!
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  18. Andy from Mars
    Andy from Mars
    Just booked us in for the Chester Food Festival at Easter. Our first Funster rally! Off to Bilbao for a tour of Spain in June.
  19. Hannah Winterized
    Hannah Winterized
    Snow chasing...
  20. Ukbandit
    Ukbandit Jimbohorlicks
    I see your on the list for the bring and buy at number 23 Jim
    1. Jimbohorlicks
      Yes it was a good meet last time
      Jan 5, 2019
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