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Discussion in 'MOTORHOME CHAT' started by Geo, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Geo

    Geo Trader - Funster

    Jul 29, 2007
    And thought what a great idea for us old Grumparents taking the Sprogs Sprogs out for a treat or a weekend away

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  2. sedge


    Jul 7, 2009
    Nr Jct 3 M6
    What an excellent idea. And appealing to Grumparents esp as it's FREE. LOL
  3. jaygee

    jaygee Funster

    Mar 21, 2009
    Harwich, Essex
    really good idea.
    Many years ago we lost our youngest sn (aged around 6) at Peterborough Truckfest. The security chap asked what he was wearing and we couldn't remember:Eeek: Anyway he found his way back to the van after he'd had a good look round and we'd had a frantic couple of hours......
  4. Bailey58

    Bailey58 Funster

    Jun 23, 2010
    Norfolk and Toftir.
    Was in Sainsburys last week wandering around looking for the wife after getting my stuff. After I passed the same assistant for the third time she asked if I was looking for something. "Yes, my wife" I replied.

    "What was she wearing Sir?" came the reply. "Buggered if I know", said I. "Well what does she look like?"

    "Well, sort of shortish, her hair used to be almost ginger but it's mellowed over time, ermm, oh and she's got her own shopping trolley, that's about it." "Right, so we're looking for a shortish woman with a shopping trolley who used to have ginger hair? :Doh:

    So perhaps a picture might be in order for future reference.
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  5. darklord


    Apr 28, 2011
    That assumes you actually want the little bastards back:Rofl1:
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  6. Minx

    Minx Funster

    Aug 22, 2007
    E Yorks
    Good idea to have an uptodate photo of pooches too ....
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