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Discussion in 'MOTORHOME CHAT' started by mitzimad, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. mitzimad

    mitzimad Funster

    Jan 28, 2008
    walthamstow east london
    best route through the alps were thinking of heading for venice in may but my maps dont seem to show the routes across the alps in any detail which are tunnels which are roads also does anyone know if its worth avoiding switzerland ive heard its borring and exspensive plus you need some sort of pass to use their roads?how much is that ?
    any suggested routes places to see on route ?
  2. lorger

    lorger Funster

    Jul 11, 2008
    Hi we went to lake Garda a couple of years ago and drove through Germany in to Austria and over the Bennier pass it is a toll but only cost us about 15euro or you could go the old pass for free.

    We stayed in Innsbruick for a couple of nights and loved it there
  3. sedge


    Jul 7, 2009
    Nr Jct 3 M6
    Been a long time since I was in Switzerland - but certainly don't recall 'boring' being at all applicable!
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  4. Jaws

    Jaws Funster

    Sep 26, 2008
    29€ for the vignet and another 29€ if you have a trailer..

    Love the sights, hate the people and the extreme cost of everything

    On the flip side, Austria has the sights, the welcome, the great camp sites, and the reasonable price of everything
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  5. ScotJimland

    ScotJimland Funster

    Jul 25, 2007
  6. Romatone

    Romatone Funster

    Dec 7, 2012
    Sible Hedingham
    Re : your trip thro' to Venice

    Hi I have just returned from a trip to Interlaken. I don't think you will find your trip through Switzerland boring, anything but I would say. Yes, you do need a Vignette which is a pass you attach to your screen, I believe they are around £30 it depends on how long you are going for but I bought mine off e bay for £8, make sure they are not damaged in any way. You .do have to stop if requested at the Border and it is the first thing they looked for, with me. I did hear they are trying to hike the price up this year to 75 euros but check first. This was my first time on such a fairly long trip and my trip was from Dunkerque, down the A25... E16 through Lille, E42..A15 to Namur and then down the A4..E411..E25 through to Luxembourg( you must arrive here as empty as you dare) diesel here was the equivalent to £1.03 per litre last week I stayed in a campsite in Arlon,approx 250 miles from the port. It was about 15 euros. I then made my way onto the E25 down to Metz and then across on the A 4...E25 to Strassbourg and E25...A35 to Mulhouse
    And onto my destination Grindelwald in the Alps.

    The most boring part by far was on the Belgium roads, with recent heavy snow there were pot holes galore and were like rumble strips. the other problem I encountered was in the bad weather and with a safe comfortable cruising speed of 60/ 65 on the long haul up on the motorways you were almost forced to have your foot down or stay in the precession of huge HGV's. The intake of their exhaust was very apparent, so switch over to your air re circ. The one thing I was very aware of you were definitely going up to Switzerland and on the way back, you were on your way down. The only tolls I paid in Belgium were 12.60 Euros and another of about 6. On one toll you take your ticket out and pay when you come off. (12.60) the other one was different, there's no ticket and you pay with your card it's a fixed price.....make sure you you put your card in the right way..otherwise it rejects your card , without explanation. This did happen to me so gave a few hoots and someone came to help.

    Tips for trip....Make sure you take enough Propane( if travelling in the winter months) or purchase the fitting that allows you to use their bottles. Tyres.... Check carefully the laws regarding tyre types for each country you are travelling through and you are legal.....Hi Viz jacket, warning triangles and breathalysers are a must.

    Feel free to contact me. I had a few more unforeseen problems ....I did learn the hard way .

    Good luck with your trip

    Romatone. :thumb:
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  7. Snowbird

    Snowbird Funster

    Apr 24, 2009
    For a freebe use Mt Cenis at that time of year. France straight into Italy skirting Geneva. Down to Turin then Venice. Nice run too, but don't try it in winter.
  8. The Dude

    The Dude Funster

    Jan 10, 2013
    Near Uttoxeter
    Austria - 'vignette'

    Drove back from Crete last November and decided to avoid Switzerland so went via Austria. Didn't see any signs about buying a 'motorway pass', however we got pulled over by the Austrian police for speeding and fined 25 euros. They told us we must get a 'pass' and that they could have fined us 100 euros for not having one and that we must to go to the next sevice station and buy one - cost about 10 euros. So, be aware, there are no signs to alert you, so go to the first service station you see and buy one.
    The 10 euros was for a car - not sure if it's more for a motorhome.

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